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My Classroom This Year


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Hellooo… These are some photos of my classroom this school year. I’ve been working realllllyyy hard to complete and set up everything for this new year. Thanks to Pinterest for the ideas! I have always wanted a tree in my classroom, this is a date tree. We used this tree to decorate our school play stage. I took it off from the stage, it’s mine now 🙂

My students loooooove this reading corner! That’s one of my goals to make them love books and read more.

My sight words board.

Stay tuned for more photos!

The Longest Tempe (Tempeh)


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Last Sunday a 2.162 meters tempe, has become the longest tempe ever made in Indonesia or perhaps in the world. The event was actually held for three days, I went there on the very first day so there were not so many visitors yet (I am glad  I was able to witness it 🙂 )

This tempe needed 3 tons of soybeans, and 110 workers to make it.

Tempeh (/ˈtɛmp/Javanese: témpé, IPA: [tempe]), is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty (Source: Wikipedia)

♥ Holiday Means Wedding Season ♥


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The title has said it all! I post some pictures from a close friend’s wedding last weekend. It’s an outdoor wedding. Just loved it!

Red Volkswagen. Classic!

She’s finally able to get out of the car. A bit difficult to to do, since she’s wearing Javanese traditional wedding dress.

The make up and the ornaments

Mt. Merbabu as the background

Forget the diet!

It was a wonderful evening. Lovely couple and family, good food and great wedding band. All the best in life for you both, God bless!

Dachshund is in da house!



My brother got a dachshund puppy for my 2-year-old nephew. Since, I am a dog lover, I did my research to find out about a dachshund characteristics and how to train a dachshund puppy.

Here’s one of the characteristics I found:

“The Dachshund is, quite simply, the “right dog” for many people. Small in size, even the largest Standard Dachshund weighs only about 30 pounds. Easy to maintain in good physical condition, the Dachshund doesn’t require long runs over many acres. Possessing a friendly, companionable personality, the Dachshund charms his way into the hearts of all who get to know him. Though he can be rather stubborn at times, his behavior easily can be modified by a wise owner who quickly changes the subject and gets the dog to focus on some new activity. In other words, the owner refuses to recognize the dog’s obstinacy and thereby prevents a repetition of the undesirable behavior. Physical rough handling only makes an even-tempered Dachshund become aggressive.” (Resource:

After reading many facts about a dachshund, I am excited and I am also worried. Excited for my nephew,having a pet can teach him about the existence of other living creatures first-hand rather than on television. But then, I am also worried that if it is physically handled rough it will be aggressive and might attack him. So I’ve got missions during my stay here, I should train both my nephew (including his parents) and the puppy as well. Hah! tough mission 🙂 Wish me luck!

“Hei world my name is Batik, I am three months old”

We named the puppy Batik because of its fur. It has a batik pattern (Indonesian traditional cloth).

The “BB” Boom


“Do you have any BB pin?”
“Can you give me your BB pin?”
These were some questions my friends have asked me. And I am always give them the same answer: “NOPE! I only have my ATM pin, and I won’t share it to anybody” ^_^

Well, bb is so happening in my country. My close friends, family and co-workers are using it. They keep on persuading me to get one and they would say “Come on buy one” “You’ll know the latest gossips” <—- and I was like "Seriously? Only for gossiping?" Hahaha No way! Okay, maybe my friends just want to stay in touch with me, and MAYBE if I use bb, it would be easier and faster because of this bb messenger.But until today, I am still not interested to buy one. Well, the point is I don't like spending money on phones, I still have my old Nokia with me. I have used it for almost 4 years now. And for me its functions are for texting and calling. I can check email on my phone, if I want to. As long as all the buttons are still working properly, I will not buy a new phone. By the way I dropped my phone so many times but it seems to working fine until today (Horaay to Nokia!). Someday if my phone breaks into pieces (hopefully not so soon), maybe just MAYBE I would give a thought and buy a bb phone 🙂

Well, I just feel like sharing this today, no offense to all the bb users. Peace out!

Summer Holiday Programs


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Today is the second day of three days Summer Class Programs in our school. This program combines students from age 3-6 so I have to find activities suitable for different age groups.

Yesterday was filled with fun and messy crafts work. The kids made paper plate snail mosaic. Messy when we were making it. Colored papers scattered on the table, glue all over the little ones’ hands and t-shirts (they were actually only playing with the glue and colored papers). I was alone yesterday, so I could not take photos of the crafts work.

Today I got a little help from an assistant teacher. Which I needed the most, because today’s program was Little Chefs. We made fruits and jelly kebabs and baked corn flakes cookies.


Well, one more fun day to go with the kids. Tomorrow’s program is all about sport. We will be dancing Zumba for children (hope I can manage this well, since I only got 2 days to practice my Zumba movements downloaded from YouTube ^_^

And there will be fun with bubbles, and water play too. So wish me luck for tomorrow. And I wish everyone an enjoyable summer holiday too!

Great Monday!


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Hello Monday… So this week is review week. I’m reviewing the letter sounds with my phonics students. Since I have always been a “hands-on” type of teacher, and I don’t really like to give my students the paperwork all the time.
First, we explore the writing of upper case and lower case letters. Then, it’s time to assess their letter/sounds recognition. I’d say a word and asked them to write the beginning, middle and ending sound of that word in the salt tray. Using salt tray is not a new idea, been using it so many times, it’s cheap and most importantly no worksheets required to assess the students’ ability. They had fun, I had fun 🙂

Then I let them free draw, which they enjoyed a lot.

Land Formations and Water Formations Diorama


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Landforms and water forms topics learned became more easier to remember when I decided to put their knowledge to the test by making 3-d models of the different landforms and water forms they studied. The kids were being very creative with their 3-D shapes of mountain, hills, island, plain, forest, desert, ocean, river and lake.

Oh by the way I got this idea from 🙂

First the kids will mold the play dough (this is handmade play dough)

Give them empty box to put the play dough mountain, hills, and island, etc.

They’re working in groups too! I divided them in groups, so all of them got to be active and to enhance their social skills and interactions.

This diorama belongs to one of the groups

Nice isn’t it? 🙂