I know I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve been dealing with a lot of difficulty managing my time. So much things to do so little time.I sometimes have too many ideas for my students to do in class, then I realize that I have no full-time teacher assistant to help me to do it. At the end I will have to do it on my own. Well it’s really tiring but I know my students are happy and experience fun learning activities every day.

So now, I am going to share activities I did with my students. I will not go by theme, everything is included here. Science, arts and crafts, maths and language.

Sink or Float Science Experiment

They were simply amazed. Easy to do activity yet effective to show them what sink and float mean.


Foot Print Ladybug

The tickling sensation was unbearable, they could not stop laughing and moving.



Ordinal Numbers Ice Cream



Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

I love Dr Seuss and all his books. And my students love reading them too. We were painting a hat based on “The Cat in a Hat” book.


Planets in Our Solar System and 7 Continents



My students love to sing the 7 continents song. It goes like this :

Seven Continents Song (Sing to the tune of Frère Jacques)

North America, South America

Antarctica Brrr.. Antarctica Brrr…

Europe and Asia, Africa, Australia

Seven Continents Yeah… Seven Continents Yeah…

Writing a Valentine’s day card for mom and dad.


Flashlight Day (Learning about Shadows)

I asked the parents to send a flashlight to school. The classroom’s windows were all covered with cloth all week. We also went out to the playground to draw our shadows in the sun.

20130305_095837 20130305_110709

Drawing and coloring “Me and My Shadow”


Arranging Numbers (Skip Counting by 2s)