“Do you have any BB pin?”
“Can you give me your BB pin?”
These were some questions my friends have asked me. And I am always give them the same answer: “NOPE! I only have my ATM pin, and I won’t share it to anybody” ^_^

Well, bb is so happening in my country. My close friends, family and co-workers are using it. They keep on persuading me to get one and they would say “Come on buy one” “You’ll know the latest gossips” <—- and I was like "Seriously? Only for gossiping?" Hahaha No way! Okay, maybe my friends just want to stay in touch with me, and MAYBE if I use bb, it would be easier and faster because of this bb messenger.But until today, I am still not interested to buy one. Well, the point is I don't like spending money on phones, I still have my old Nokia with me. I have used it for almost 4 years now. And for me its functions are for texting and calling. I can check email on my phone, if I want to. As long as all the buttons are still working properly, I will not buy a new phone. By the way I dropped my phone so many times but it seems to working fine until today (Horaay to Nokia!). Someday if my phone breaks into pieces (hopefully not so soon), maybe just MAYBE I would give a thought and buy a bb phone πŸ™‚

Well, I just feel like sharing this today, no offense to all the bb users. Peace out!