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Today is the second day of three days Summer Class Programs in our school. This program combines students from age 3-6 so I have to find activities suitable for different age groups.

Yesterday was filled with fun and messy crafts work. The kids made paper plate snail mosaic. Messy when we were making it. Colored papers scattered on the table, glue all over the little ones’ hands and t-shirts (they were actually only playing with the glue and colored papers). I was alone yesterday, so I could not take photos of the crafts work.

Today I got a little help from an assistant teacher. Which I needed the most, because today’s program was Little Chefs. We made fruits and jelly kebabs and baked corn flakes cookies.


Well, one more fun day to go with the kids. Tomorrow’s program is all about sport. We will be dancing Zumba for children (hope I can manage this well, since I only got 2 days to practice my Zumba movements downloaded from YouTube ^_^

And there will be fun with bubbles, and water play too. So wish me luck for tomorrow. And I wish everyone an enjoyable summer holiday too!