I’ve been teaching Phonics for efl students for four years now, and it’s been great to see my efl students were able to read English words fluently. I’ve been using this Phonics method called L******** for years, it has characters for each alphabet, and the children love to hear the songs too.  So last week I had this opportunity to attend Jolly Phonics workshops in Singapore. I’ve heard about Jolly Phonics since 5 years ago, and read many good reviews about this method, then I finally got a chance to join this workshop.  JP uses a fun and interesting way for teaching reading, and for me this method will help me with my efl students. The speaker has used JP for more than 20 years, and she’s proven that JP methods helped the students who are struggling with reading at school. All the materials don’t come cheap, but if you had your JP Handbook, then you’ll be able to apply this method in your classroom. JP method is actually really simple to do, children will act out the sounds, so it will be easier for them to remember the sounds. I’m planning to use this JP programme with my students next school year. I’m now reading and studying the book, so I will be ready to use it. Well, we should never stop learning right!