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The kids were so excited when we had our solar system theme. I was so proud of them when they’re able to memorize the order of the planets in our solar system.
I showed them the solar system movies and presentation about planets and sun facts. Ouh and also the first man to walk on the moon.

For our solar system craft projects we made recycled space ship. I requested the parents to bring an empty milk or juice carton for our space ship
First the kids painted the empty milk carton, and with teacher’s help, using the glue gun we glued the empty recycled cups onto the milk carton.


We also made Sun Necklace Craft. It’s made from paper plate. first the kids painted the paper plate with yellow paint, and they paste sun rays from asturo paper. As the last touch on the sun necklace they wrote the Sun Facts and paste it onto their sun necklaces.

These are the sun facts written on the necklace:
1. The sun is a star.
2. The sun is 4,6 billion years old.
3. Life on earth depends on the sun.