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Wooow that’s all I can say, like my story in Feb, that I took over this K1 classroom in second semester, so it’s about five more months before this school year ends.
Why did I say wow? coz this classroom includes 7 active boys and 2 quiet girls. Ok let me describe them : There are 2 super active boys, 1 boy who cannot keep his hands, feet and objects to himself, 1 boy who is a tattle, 1 boy is a quiet but has a very strong will, 1 boy is also a quiet boy but suddenly he will just shout out loud if he’s too excited of something, and the last boy who is always finish the last, he is very slow in doing things and easily distracted with everything around him.

Now about the girls, they are just like another 4 years old girls who’d love to be a princess. But my two girls are also fighters, actually they are like my assistants. If things did not go the way they should, they will be the first ones to tell me.

But I’ve been really enjoying my 2 months teaching these kids, I applied many rules when I first came, it’s very difficult at the beginning, but thanks Lord the kids are trying to follow the rules, that is way appreciate their efforts by giving them rewards and lots of praise.. Well kids are kids, when you listen to them, you’d be surprised with their thoughts.

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