Last night I got a phone call from my former student, he called just to say “Miss L today is my birthday, say happy birthday to me!” I wished him happy birthday he said thank you then he started telling me about his birthday celebration at school, the goodies he shared with his friends and the birthday gifts he got from his friends. Woooww what a lovely surprise in the middle of the night.

For me this is rarely happen, how you are still remembered by your former students is such a great feeling inside. I remember when he first came to my class, I heard from my fellow teacher, who taught him before that he is a bit difficult to handle, he is an active boy, and when he wanted something he should get it or his tantrum will appear such as shouting and throwing things. When I heard it, I remember one of the things I did, it was praying for him, and ask God for wisdom on how to handle him when those days come. The first two months were difficult, both of us were trying to understand each other, he tried to follow class rules and I tried to emerge his positive and softer sides. Because in his friends’ eyes he has this label as a rude and no- manner boy. It makes pray even harder, yeeep day and night pray for him and of course the other students.

One day, when I was teaching, he suddenly sat on my lap and said “I love you miss L!” Woohooo I was overwhelmed and thanking God for this very special moment.

Well my point here is for all teachers out there, PRAY for your students. This is the most important thing you should do. I believe in the power of prayer. Every day I pray for wisdom. Wisdom on how to handle my students, wisdom on how to teach and be creative in teaching, and also wisdom on how to talk to parents about their children. And over the years it always works. I have witnessed a lot of miraculous things He has done in my life and I am thankful every day for that.

For my student thank you for remembering me on your birthday, it’s just awesome to hear from you! I pray that great things that God has planned for you will follow you wherever you are!