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After being unemployed for 6 months, now I am back to everyday teaching routines. Actually not really unemployed,well I was still teaching but there’s no strings attached with the schools. The first 3 months (mid July – mid October) I devoted my self as a volunteer English teacher at a Government Elementary School back in my hometown, I teach EFL for grade 1 to 6 students. Since English language is not a core subject here, I went to school only twice a week, Thursday English for grades 1,2 and 4, Friday for grades 3, 5 and 6. And from Monday-Wednesday, I refreshed my self by reading, I tell you I did a lot of readings. Books (I’ve bought these books but haven’t read them yet), education and health articles, news papers, blogs, anything you name it. And I also reviewed and evaluated my teaching methods, style, approach, in order to improve myself to be a better teacher. Even though I was teaching with no monthly payment but I felt happier inside. Knowing that I could be useful and bring happiness to others. This journey also taught me to truly depend on God as my Provider and HE has never failed me. I know inside my heart that I will someday come back to teach there again. For I know that to be teaching there is a spiritual journey and I believe it’s a God’s calling for me to be a blessing for those less fortunate. It’s been a miraculous 3-months-journey of faith and hope.

After teaching there, only by HIS grace I flew back to the big city to teach in the school I used to teach for 2 years, I was there for 1,5 months (November – mid December), and then spending Christmas holiday with my brother and his family for a month. And today is my first day teaching in the new school. Yeepp here I am, new school, new kids, new routines, new colleagues, and of course a lot of fresh teaching ideas! I am so ready to come back!

Happy Thursday night happy people!